Interdependent, innovative, driven, collaborative, curious, unique, authentic, and supportive like minded Beauty Artists to grow their business with us!


Why rent at Prim?


The client experience is mediocre at most rental salons.

Prim Beauty Parlour changes this.

While other rental salons and spas offer only space, Prim Beauty Parlour offers you and your client an exclusive experience. In return, your clients satisfaction and loyalty will bring you the success you desire and have worked so hard for.

Our atmosphere, historic location, curated product lines, branding, and customer service exceeds the competition. No detail has been overlooked in order to create an experience that surpasses all rental salons in West Omaha. Unique lighting, flooring, artwork, furnishings, and curated product lines (down to a signature aromatherapy scented building) were all selected to create an unforgettable visit. 



Charge your own prices, work your own hours, keep 100% of your revenue, and make more money!

Concept and Product

Prim Beauty Parlour is the first green beauty concept salon in Omaha. Your clients will love the exclusive beauty products we have personally tested and spent over 3 years curating. They are truly the best on the market in green beauty!

Prim will offer onsite training so you feel confident using these new products, and we offer a highly competitive commision on product sales so you can focus less on inventory and more on your clients!


The Beauty Parlour

The main floor parlour houses all Prim’s Stylists. Stylists' clients will have their own waiting area, with beverages, magazines and comfortable seating.

Designed with both modern and vintage elements, we would describe Prim as authentic, classic and whimsical. You won't find another rental salon in West Omaha like Prim and no other place will make your clients feel so pampered.

  • Custom vintage furnishings

  • 12 ft ceilings

  • Large reception & retail area
  • Vintage chandeliers
  • Spacious stations 
  • Shampoo lounge room
  • Luxurious bathrooms
  • Stylish break room with lockers
  • Upscale laundry facilities

The Spa

The Spa is located on the second floor. Accessible by stairs or elevator. 

We understand that a spa requires a different aesthetic and ours has been decorated accordingly. Our light and simple decor will have your clients in relaxation mode! Our fully decorated rooms are ready for you and your clients. From the blush painted doors to the custom vintage furnishings, your clients will relax and unwind in this luxurious retreat.

  • Waiting area
  • Shoe drop off with comfy socks to lounge in
  • Spa water
  • Luxurious bathrooms with a shower
  • Nine locked spacious rooms
  • Blush painted doors
  • Custom vintage furnishings
  • Vintage cabinets
  • Dimmed lighting
  • Laundry area & storage

Be a Founding Beauty Artist:

Sign your lease by March 1st and you will have an exclusive feature on our website and social media. Choose your station and help create the last details for Prim.

We will be offering a special lease of $225 per week until March 1st 2018.
This will be a two year lease.

After March 1st the rent will be $250 per week.

We have direct deposit to make your payments easy.

Please attach your resume to apply. Owner Jami Gragert will be in touch to personally interview you.

As a Prim Beauty Artist, your rental rate includes:

  • Monthly commission on product

  • Weekly cleaning service

  • Phone and WIFI
  • Utilities 
  • Locked lockers 
  • Two onsite laundry facilities
  • Stocked common areas, bathrooms, break room and front desk
  • Two weeks of free rent for vacation time/maternity leave per year
  • Secure building with 24 hour access and surveillance 

At Prim, we are focused on helping your business thrive. Here’s how we are committed to you:

  • Business support during your transition and throughout your career with Prim

  • Educational opportunities

  • Marketing meetings for inspiration

  • Access to onsite accountant

  • Business card templates and easy online ordering

  • Prim-branded marketing materials

  • Resource site with links for move in

  • Team collaboration

  • Social media


Provided Supplies

The Parlour:

  • Towels
  • Water bottles
  • First Three Capes
  • Aprons
  • Hand held mirrors
  • Barbicide Jar
  • Booster seats 
  • Wax pot 
  • Shampoo room backbar
  • Coffee and tea
  • Magazines and books
  • Broom and dust pan
  • Sonos Speakers and Rockbot Music
  • Lighting for photographs
  • Cutting stools

The Spa:

  • Bathroom shower products
  • Blow dryer and brushes
  • Robes and socks
  • First set of sheets
  • Spa water
  • Magazines and books
  • Signature scent diffuser
  • Product tray
  • Facial bowl and brush
  • Magazines and books


  • Cups and Plates for clients
  • Laundry soap
  • Paper towels
  • Dish soap
  • Mop and cleaning supplies


Is Prim for me? 
If you have an established clientele and the desire to take your business to the next level Prim is for you! 

Can I share my chair? 
Yes please contact for more information

How do I pay rent? 
Rent is collected every week by automatic withdrawal.

Do you offer Education? 
We offer onsite training to better understand the business side of owning your own salon and education to expand your professional skills.


Meet the Founders

Jami Gragert

Jami was in 5th grade when she decided to work in the beauty industry. At the young age of 15 she started working in salons. Her experience in hair, skincare, nails, lash extensions, medical aesthetics, and makeup artistry makes her relatable to all Beauty Artists. Her talent is seeing beauty where others see nothing.  She loves to inspire, motivate and help others succeed. Your success is her success.


Nick Gragert

Nick is competitive, driven for measurable results, and has fifteen years of experience in sales. He is the next door neighbor that scoops your sidewalks when you are out of town or picks up your kid when they fall off their bike. He is a solid, trustworthy and dependable foundation.

As a duo they find very level ground. They start projects and they finish them. They design, they create, they fail and they succeed.They are a balance of creative genius and steady capable hands. Jami’s experience in the industry and Nick’s background in sales are the solid marriage behind Prim.   


rent with prim beauty parlour

Please attach your resume to apply. Owner Jami Gragert will be in touch to personally interview you.